Hello there

In September 2018 I wrote this:

”Before I know it, I will be a mother.

This bundle of joy currently having a feast kicking in my abdomen has somehow got me thinking of all the many things that will change in my life.

Also about what life would be like from now onwards. I have relatively short terms goals all these while. I’m sure a lot of us do. One thing I have always known I wanted was to have a family of my own. Now that I’m having another human being to take care of it got me thinking about…..DUIT!!

And it got me thinking about: my long term goal. What do I want in life?


The unknown is pretty scary. Photo by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash

I have a vague goal in mind right now. (See below) I haven’t really broken them down into smaller achievable goals so this blog came about : Duit and sense (the making of it).

My goal:

FIRE!! Financial Independence and Retiring Early. I want to be able to retire in 10 years time. I want the option of having a flexible working time, doing something that I enjoy and manage my kids/household. I might or might not retire early because i currently enjoy my job but having that option will be a great relief.

I have calculated my comfortable spending to be around RM 30,000/year.

In 10 years time, I hope to generate RM 30,000/year before I retire.

So here i am penning down the things I learn along the way.”

1 month after writing this, I gave birth.

It is July 2021 right now:

My personal finance is a slow journey. Time however, waits for no one. In between the fatigue of changing diapers, washing milk bottles, running after a toddler.. my son has grown into a little human being. He is close to 3 years old. Oh, and COVID-19 happened? We were so unprepared for it!

After 3 years of writing penning down my inner thoughts, I published this first post. So according to my goals above I have 7 more years to retire? I wonder if I could make it?

I love being a mother. I also love managing my personal finance. I have so many interests and never seem to be able to keep them up. There were failures, achievements and reflections.

I have stories.

We all have our stories.

I hope my stories will be beneficial to you.